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       The Boys



Grancek Modr Msice (Milo)


 Grancek Oszkar (Oscar)


Cze./Pol./Rom,Ch. Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica (Imp.Cze.) (Orfeus)


Cer del Monte de Haya (Mal)


Grancek Radecek (Radek)



Now rehomed:

Rossau Highlife (Louis)

Grancek Harvest Moon (Archie)





The Grancek Gang were joined in 2010 by Rossau Highlife (Louis) and Rossau Fine n Fancy (Rosie) following the tragic death of my good friend Diane Lewis (Rossau Cesky Terriers). 

Louis has since been re-homed to the Pluckrose family.   Rosie died peacefully in her sleep earlier this year (2016) after almost 6 years here.

Grancek Harvest Moon (now called Archie) has been rehomed to the Tinkler family in Co. Durham after being returned to me earlier in 2013.

Grancek Hope For The Best (Mabel) spent some time back here with me before being happily rehomed in October 2015 with Pam and Brenda Burnett and their Cesky Felix.



Gone but never forgotten:

Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze.) (Chakka)

Grancek Illya (Illya)

Int./Multi/Cze.Ch. Grancek Early One Morning (Ellis)

Oneva Boruvka at Grancek (Rupert)

Pendevour Dana at Grancek (Purdy)

Llancarfan Adore at Grancek (Kizzy)

Grancek Dominik (Junior)

Rossau Fine N Fancy (Rosie)


Two bitches from the Czech Republic joined the Grancek Gang in 2012 - Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (adult) and Bazalka del Monte de Haya Grancek (puppy) .   My boy Ellis returned home at the same time after his spell in the Czech Republic with Hana Petrusova. He very sadly died peacefully in his sleep in August 2015 and is much missed by myself and by Hana. 


The gang have been joined by Uhlava's son and daughter Oscar and Livvy, born in 2013, and more recently by her daughter Petra (G. Petruka) who was born at the end of December 2014.    Petra's little daughter Suzie (G. Sladka Szuzanna), born in April 2017, is the latest addition to the gang.


In December 2015 Cze./Pol./Rom.Ch. Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica came to the UK from the Czech Republic on loan from his breeder Kamila Seberova.   He has his own page now!


In March 2016 Cer del Monte de Haya also arrived from the Czech  Republic to join the Grancek Gang.   He too has his own page.



           The Girls




Grancek Jitrenka (Jana)


Bazalka del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze.)


Grancek Ocelova (Livvy)


Grancek Petruka (Petra)


Grancek Sladka Szuzanna (Suzie)





Grancek Elektra (Elkie)

Rossau Fancy Free at Grancek (Millie)

Grancek Krasna (Katya)

Grancek High Hopes (Heidi)











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