Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze)









Pedigree of Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze)


Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek joined the Grancek Gang on loan from her breeder, Hana Petrusova, and has been transferred to my ownership.   She brought some more valuable variation in bloodlines for us here in the U.K.    She carries a line to Hana's brown Cesky Terriers through her sire, and did in fact herself produce two brown puppies in her first litter in the Czech Republic.  She herself had a distinct chocolate brown tinge to her coat .  Hana kindly agreed that she could remain here in the U.K. with me.   After 5 years and 3 months in the UK, she very sadly had to be put to sleep in August 2017 to save her from suffering and distress following a short illness, diagnosed as pulminary hypertension caused by an aggressive tumour.

Her pet name was Řeka, but as this was proving hard for her non-Czech speaking friends to say she also answered to Chakka!   This lovely bitch was so sweet and affectionate, and had learned a trick of standing up on her hind legs with her front paws together and held up, a position she could hold for several minutes at a time while she waited for a cuddle.  

On 12th March 2013 Řeka had her first litter for me, 2 dogs and 2 bitches, sired by Dk. Ch. Oneva Eduard Malsville.    She was an excellent mother to her lovely little family.   Please see my 'Puppies' page for the pedigree of this interesting litter.

Her second litter here for me consisted of a single bitch puppy, Grancek Petruška (Petra), sired byJanski Kalliope Jones who is living in Canada and is now a Canadian Champion.   Petra is an absolute delight to have and will remain here.   She had her own litter in April 2017, producing 6 lovely grandchildren for Řeka, one of which, Suzie,  will also remain here.

Řeka enjoyed an idle life in retirement playing with her extended family, in between periods snoozing, either outside in the sun when therewas any, or sprawled out, often upside down, on "her" armchair!   Her unexpected death after a short but distressing illness came as a great shock, and she is greatly missed by me and by her family of Grancek Ceskies, and especially by her close friend and companion Jana (G. Jitrenka).  



                                                               Uhlava at home

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