Rossau Fancy Free at Grancek (Millie)


Millie's pedigree


Millie is a daughter of Oneva Boruvka at Grancek (Rupert), and has had two litters of 6 puppies each, which have all had her delightful temperament.   Millie is a happy-go-lucky little dog with a cheerful, friendly disposition, and she is a real a joy to live with.   She has been an excellent mother, even to the extent of adopting and successfully rearing with her own 6 babies a 2-day-old puppy rejected by his own mother (this was Grancek Goodness Gracious Pendevour (Sam),  who has done well in the show ring for Norina Evans). 


Millie is now retired and is living with the Knighton family and their Shih Tzu Mia near Blackpool where she is enjoying lovely walks on the beach and in the surrounding countryside, and on trips to the Lake District.