Grancek Ocelova (Livvy)


          Livvy as a baby



Pedigree of Grancek Ocelova


Livvy is one of a litter of 4 born to Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze) in March 2013.   She is a super little pup who is quickly learning the house rules and will hopefully be shown and bred from in due course.   Her sire is Dk.Ch. Oneva Eduard Malsville, jointly owned by Harold Gay and Sheila Atter.   Otakar (Otto), the 2nd male in the litter, is now living with Sheila Atter, and the 2nd bitch is with Jayne Rusby (Placido)


Ocelova means "steel grey" in Czech.   I originally gave her the pet name of Olivia as she is from my 'O' litter but that has soon been shortened to Livvy.   Livvy is full of character, a very cheeky little girl, very outgoing and full of life, and at present very naughty!   Hopefully she will calm down a bit as she grows up.   She is definitely the leader of the two puppies and is getting her brother into all sorts of mischief as he faithfully follows her lead.   She has a lot to say for herself at present, and loves to play noisily with her brother and all their toys, particularly their big soft Hamster toy which is as big as the pair of them put together!   Poor Hammy is beginning to look a bit the worse for wear!


Livvy has begun her lead training, though it's debateable who is training who at present!   She trots along enthusiastically at the end of her lead with a big grin on her little face and her tail wagging happily.  She is going to Ringcraft classes with her brother, and is happy to stand nicely on the table to be examined, and to do her "up and down" and a little triangle, but when it comes to standing again on the floor she has to be bribed with a little treat before she will keep still.  She's going to have to learn to stand still though, something that is not yet on her agenda.   At present everything is great fun to her, and long may it stay that way.   No sign of nerves with this bold little girl!

More photos to come, when I can get Livvy to keep still long enough.

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