Grancek Sladka Szuzanna (Suzie)


             Suzie 5 weeks old .....

               7 weeks old


              and 10 weeks old

       Pedigree of Grancek
     Sladka Szuzanna (Suzie)
  Grancek Sladka Szuzanna (Suzie) was born on 17/07/2017.   She is by Ch.Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica (Imp.Cze), and her mother is Grancek Petruška (Petra).   Suzie's registered name means 'Sweet Suzanna', a name that fits her to a 'T' as she has a most delightful temperament, inherited from her mother who has such a sunny disposition and a constantly wagging tail.  

Suzie is of course just a baby at present, but she is looking very promising, with a very pretty head, correct ear placement, good length of neck, and a super topline, ending in a correct low-set tail.   Her coat is coming on well, and was already an attractive dark pewter grey at 8 weeks of age, with the signature dark head and tail inherited, through her mother, from her maternal grandmother, Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze)   Suzie will be attending puppy parties soon, followed by an introduction to ringcraft classes when she is ready to progress to 'grown-up school'.  

More photos of Suzie to follow, when she has learned to keep still long enough!  

                                                       Now 13 weeks old -


                                                    It's so tiring being this cute!

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