Grancek Oszkar (Oscar)



                Oscar as a baby





     Pedigree of Grancek Oszkar


Oscar is one of a litter of 4 born to Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze) in March 2013.   He is a super little pup who is quickly learning the house rules and will hopefully be shown in due course.   His sire is Dan.Ch. Oneva Eduard Malsville, jointly owned by Harold Gay and Sheila Atter.   Otakar (Otto), the 2nd male in the litter, is now living with Sheila Atter.


Oscar is a lovely little lad, very friendly, happy and waggy tailed.   He loves to be picked up and cuddled, and gives lovely puppy kisses in return.   He stands beautifully on the table already at 11 weeks of age and is learning to walk nicely on the lead now he and his sister have completed their vaccinations and can begin to go out into the big wide world.   He is already doing a very nice free stand as well, as part of his training for his show career!    He and his sister have attended a puppy party at my vet's, which they both thoroughly enjoyed, though they rather showed me up when neither of them would come back to me - having too much fun playing with the other puppies of all shapes and sizes!   However, I much prefer it this way, rather than having them clinging nervously to me or to each other, and it bodes well for their future both in and out of the show ring.


Oscar is progressing well with his show training at Ringcraft classes, he already does a lovely show stand to command both on the table and on the floor, and trots up and down nicely, but at present he really doesn't see why he should do a triangle as well!   He approaches dogs of all shapes and sizes without any hesitation and accepts a fuss from any human who approaches him.    He is already ignoring traffic on the road outside my home (and we have no pavements hereabouts - we are out in the country!) and he happily runs along investigating all the fascinating new smells in the verges.   At present of course he and his sister are too young to go for "proper" walks so these expeditions along the road have to be brief  as yet.   This is proving to be one very laid back young man!  



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