Llancarfan Adore at Grancek (Kizzy)





        Kizzy aged 12, with baby Jana

        Kizzy's pedigree


Kizzy was my first Cesky Terrier and features in the pedigrees of most of my dogs.   She was shown successfully in Import Register classes until she was retired from the ring to take up maternal duties, and though now of course too old to have puppies of her own, she loves to help in educating the puppies of the other bitches.     At well over 13years of age, she still loves running round the fields at top speed, chasing rabbits and crows, and she is still my best mouser!   She has been a joy to own, being very gentle,  affectionate and amenable in every way, although she is often  shy with strangers until she has got to know them.   Her lovely nature has been passed on to all her puppies, and to their puppies too!

Kizzy still loves puppies to this day, and is eager to help with all the new babies at Grancek.   When Jana (G. Jitrenka) had to be hand-reared, Kizzy immediately took over looking after the tiny puppy, doing everything for her barring feeding her, which to her annoyance she had to leave to me.   She always likes to play with the young puppies too, which she does very gently,  though as they get a bit older and rougher she will only play for a short time with them!   One of her favourite games is playing tag round the settee in the living room, and she will also play a gentle game of tug with a puppy with a Ragger, carefully and gently pulling so as not to drag the baby around too much. 


STOP PRESS:  It is with the greatest sadness that I have to    report Kizzy's death peacefully at home in her bed on 17th May 2011 after a very brief illness.   Kizzy has been my constant companion for 13 years and nine months, having come to live with me when she was just 9 weeks old.   She remained active and playful to the end, belying her advanced age, and she is going to be missed so very much.   She died exactly one month to the day before her 14th birthday.




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