Rossau Fine N Fancy (Rosie)




                Rosie's pedigree


Rosie is my Millie's litter sister,  so she too is a daughter of Oneva Boruvka at Grancek (Rupert).   She  joined the Grancek Cesky Terriers in 2010 following the tragic death of her owner/breeder Diane Lewis.   She has quickly accepted the sudden change in her life and has settled down happily with her new pals, many of whom she did know before, which has no doubt helped her to fit in quickly and easily with the Grancek Gang.

Rosie has had only two litters producing three puppies in all,  the best known of which is Rossau Voodoo (Hynek), who had a very successful start to his show career in the hands of his new owner Sheila Atter (Ridley).   He is now owned by Julie Livingston (Nordham).

Rosie is now retired from breeding, has been spayed, and will live out her life here at Grancek with her new family.



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