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The Cesky Terrier requires regular attention to his coat to keep it in good condition. The Cesky coat is soft and silky, with a metallic sheen. It is clipped on the back, neck and throat, at the top of the front legs and over the thighs to emphasize the musculature, on the tail, and around the anus for the dog’s comfort and hygiene.

The legs and under the belly are left to grow long, and this long hair must receive regular attention to prevent it tangling as the coat does not shed, and of course the beard and forelock must also be groomed as otherwise food etc can accumulate there. The dog’s body can be brushed gently with a fairly soft brush, and the long hair combed with a “moulting comb” or a stiffer brush, although to ensure that all knots are removed the comb gives better results without breaking the hair.

The Cesky coat must be regularly clipped to maintain that Cesky look, although the keen amateur can soon master this by carefully following the lines of the previous clip before the coat grows sufficiently for these lines to be blurred. Remember, mistakes will soon grow out, so don’t be afraid to “have a go” yourself! 

Cesky Clipping Diagram


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