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The Cesky Terrier is a fairly recent addition to the Terrier Group, having been developed in the Czech Republic by the geneticist Frantisek HorŠk, who wanted a working terrier that would hunt as a pack without quarrelling and fighting, and would also be a good family companion and show dog. The breed originated by crossing a Sealyham dog and a Scottish Terrier bitch, and then crossing their offspring until the type was set satisfactorily, and thus the Cesky Terrier was born.

Normally any shade of grey in colour, though an occasional light brown may occur, the coat is soft and silky with an attractive sheen, the ears hang down, and the tail, which has never been docked, is set on low, though it may be carried in a sickle shape when the dog is moving. The coat is clipped over the body, and left long on the legs and underside of the belly, and also on the face where it forms a beard and eyebrows, giving this terrier its very distinctive look.

In the UK the Cesky Terrier is kept primarily as a family pet and companion, and as a show dog where its very distinctive characteristics and temperament attract many admirers. This is a breed that loves to join in all its ownerís activities, but hates to be left at home alone, and definitely does not thrive in a kennel situation. The Cesky is sociable with other animals provided he is introduced to them when young, and will live happily in the company of cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, even ferrets, but he really enjoys the company of other dogs, especially his own breed.

Unlike many other terrier breeds, the Cesky can be trained to be obedient and well-behaved and can therefore be exercised off lead without worrying about whether he will come back when called! When introduced to children as a puppy the Cesky positively enjoys their company too, and is also eminently suited to living with the disabled, as he seems to have an innate understanding of their special needs and limitations. Thus the Cesky can be a dog for all seasons and all situations, although his sensitive nature does mean he needs an understanding owner.

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