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Heidi (Grancek High Hopes) had a litter in December 2010 by my boy Grancek Illya (see Illya's page for his details).    There were two dogs and two bitches in the litter.    This was my first litter by Illya, so I have been watching their progress with great interest.   Illya himself has an outstanding temperament, being very confident, outgoing and friendly, embarrassingly so at times!    He is a very happy, cheerful little dog who thoroughly enjoys everything he does, and his puppies are inheriting his temperament as well as his excellent conformation and breed type, his perfect mouth, and his superb movement.   Heidi has a lovely head and excellent mouth, and is a very attractive bitch of good breed type and striking colouring (she is basically dark, but has a lovely silvery "overcoat" over her body, and dark silver furnishings) , but sadly she has no interest in showing.

Grancek Modry Mraz, Spider to his friends, went to Jayne Rusby (Placido) for showing,  and  Grancek Modré Mésice (Miloš) is retained for showing, and both youngsters qualified for and were shown at Cruft's 2012.   Spider has been regularly shown with success, his brother Miloš has attended very few shows so far but was placed 2nd in PGD at Cruft's 2013.   Spider qualified for Cruft's but was not entered as his owner was unable to attend the show this time.

Jana and Illya proudly announced the safe arrival of the Grancek 'N' litter on 2nd August 2011. There were four males and one female, and one male (Grancek Nazdar Namornik, Nikko to his friends) has been retained.   At his very first show, The Welsh Kennel Club championship show in 2012 he was first in PD thus qualifying for Cruft's 2013, but was not entered as he is now in Post Graduate and I already had two males entered for this class.         


Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp. Cze.)  had four puppies, 2 dogs and 2 bitches, by Erik (Dk.Ch. Oneva Eduard Malsville), born on 12th March 2013.   One dog has gone to live with Sheila Atter who owns him in partnership with Harold Gay, one bitch to Jayne Rusby, and the remaining dog and bitch, Oscar and Livvy, remain here with me.


                                                     Newly born 



'R' litter pedigree

Grancek 'S' litter pedigree
                                                    and on 6th April 2013


On December 27th 2014 Uhlava presented me with a single bitch puppy by Janski Kaliope Jones.   Grancek Petruška (Petra) has her own page.

Zalka (Bazalka del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze.) had her litter by Wendy Tobijanski's Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon on 25/6/15.   Grancek Rousalka (Rou) is now with Wendy, her sister G. Rozmaryna (Rosie) is in the United States with Nancy Devine and Glenn Dorsey (Glenn also has Rosie's half-brother Grancek Otakar Malsville), and Radek (G. Radecek) is remaining here with me.  

Petra (Grancek Petruška) gave birth to the latest arrivals, the Grancek 'S' litter, 6 beautiful puppies (2 male, 4 female) on 17th April 2017.  
The sire of this litter is Ch. Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica, on loan to me from his Czech breeders at present but due to return home later this year.   The puppies were all booked even before their birth, with one bitch remaining here with me.  

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