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Welcome to the home of the Grancek Cesky Terriers, who are owned and loved by Diana Grant!






Latest news from Grancek - 


More sad news from Grancek - my lovely girl Chakka (Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (Imp.Cze.) was put to sleep yesterday, 14/8/2017, after a short illness, to save her from further suffering and distress.   Chakka came to me from her breeder Hana Petrusova in the Czech Republic in 2012, originally on loan but then very kindly left with me for the rest of her life.   She has had two litters in the UK and I have retained a son and daughter from the first litter, Oscar and Livvy, and the singleton from her second litter, Petra, and I have also kept Petra's daughter Suzie born in April this year, so Chakka's legacy continues on here, while Otto (Am.Gr.Ch. Grancek Otakar Malsville) has made a great contribution in the United States, but the loss of this lovely bitch has been devastating to me.   She was such a sweet little dog, a lovely example of her breed, gentle, affectionate, kind in every way, and with so many endearing ways, and not to hear her distinctive bark, and her enchanting yodel, makes her loss even harder.  

Very sadly I have to report that Illya (Grancek Illya) has died following an accident at home when he sustained severe injuries to his spine.  He fought hard to recover, but it was not to be.  Sleep tight, my lovely little man, you are missed so much but  will always be remembered.

Grancek Petruska (Petra) had 6 puppies on 17th April 2017, sired by Orfeus (Ch.Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica.   The puppies are thriving, and have now left for their new homes where they have been eagerly awaited.   Three have gone to homes that already have a Grancek Cesky Terrier and one to a home where another Grancek Cesky is living a few doors away.   One, a bitch, remains here with me - Suzie (Grancek Sladka Szuzanna) has her own page now.

On March 13th 2016 Cer del Monte de Haya arrived from the Czech Republic to join the Grancek Gang from his breeder Hana Petrusova.   He is by Flanagan Kalifa Bohemica, and his mother is Yva del Monte de Haya who is a very rare brown Cesky Terrier.   Malý has his own page.   He has found a good friend in Petra who has taken him under her wing and is showing him the ropes.

Cz/Pol/Rom.Ch. Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica joined the Grancek gang on 3/12/15 for a period of two years on loan from his breeder Kamila Seberova.   He will be shown during his stay here, including Crufts 2016 for which he qualified in June 2015, although he has since gained his champion titles which also qualify him for life.   He will also be at stud to approved bitches.   He has now been eye tested and will also be DNA profiled in the near future.

Zalka (Bazalka del Monte de Haya Grancek) had 6 puppies on 25/6/2015..   The father of the litter is Janski Ceskasson Blue Moon.   This is the Grancek "R" litter, details on the Puppies page.     Radek remains here at Grancek and has his own page.

Two bitches from the Czech Republic joined the Grancek Gang in 2012 - Uhlava del Monte de Haya Grancek (adult) and Bazalka del Monte de Haya Grancek (puppy) .   My boy Ellis returned home at the same time after his spell in the Czech Republic.  Sadly Ellis died suddenly after three years back at home.

Uhlava del Monte de Haya (Imp.Cze.)  had 4 puppies by Dk. Ch. Oneva Eduard Malsville (Erik), 2 dogs and 2 bitches, born on 12th March 2013.   A dog and a bitch (Oscar and Livvy) have been retained here at Grancek from this litter.

In late December 2014 Uhlava had a single bitch puppy by Janski Kaliope Jones.   Grancek Petruška, pet name Petra,  has her own page.



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